P28 Ecu

The infamous Honda P28 Engine Computer can be chipped out to help you perform like you've always wanted to.

P28 ECU Videos

The P28 ECU is a stock computer that came with various models of Honda and Acura Vehicles.

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What does a p28 ecu come in? What does the p28 ecu look like when chipped out? What is a p28 computer for honda? What motor has a p28 ecu?

The P28 Ecu can be chipped out to allow your Honda or Acura to perform at levels before unheard of.

With many options available and kits available its not hard to make it give your engine the type of boost you need and in a way that will help with gas mileage.

The main thing with these guys is to know whats going on if you chip them. Be sure to use a reputable store when buying and compare prices for sure.